Happiness Can Only Exist Through Acceptance

If you have to force gratitude, it’s the beginning of the end. It’s the Stockholm Syndrome of the spiritual world. You’re presumably in a bad situation and you’re trying to justify things to convince yourself that your current circumstance is correct and okay.

Soon, you’ll notice that you’re constantly looking for things that are on the brighter side. If it was truly right, you wouldn’t need to consciously and continually shift the lens to something else.

Whether we’re talking about love, the general idea of happiness, or your career, you shouldn’t be searching for the needle in the haystack. It should feel right just the way it is. Anything less than that and you’re settling for less than you deserve.

Yes, be thankful, acknowledge what you have, but don’t be blind to the truth, and don’t use gratitude as an escape. Desire more. Desire growth. Desire change.