If you wait until you have enough information, you’ll never start.

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Marketing stops many people from being valuable creators. Attention is competitive, so the focus mistakenly shifts from creating content you believe in, to endlessly consuming content about SEO, the best CMS, and how to gain followers.

It's a completely flawed route to take; but of course, it's easy to hide behind the guise of high standards.

If you want to grow organically, ask yourself:

- What do I believe that no one else does?

Leverage that answer.

Your ability to disrupt the flow of what is considered to be conventional wisdom is what will help you gain momentum and stand out. You are effectively exposing the world to new ideas that live outside of the echo chamber we often grow into.

By constantly updating your assumptions about things and throwing yourself into new environments, you're giving yourself the ability to experience life on the other side of what you're used to.

Here's one of my many outlandish thoughts.

Treat every job like it's your dream job.

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Do you know what the most terrifying thing to any animal that’s ever lived is? A group of people who've targeted the animal. No animal on this planet can outrun a group of wild humans for too long.

When we stand together in the name of winning a war waged against us, there is ultimately no action that is inconceivable, and no decision that is impossible. We do what is necessary to not only survive, but build a life in which we can thrive.

If your opinion on this wavers, consider the fact that our psychology has remained the same for thousands of years.

Our happiness is such a simple thing and yet we insist on making things complicated. We may sit at our desks for hours, become stressed when the cashier takes too long, or become frustrated when someone behaves rudely. We become attached to things we don’t even own.

We allow the external world to influence our internal world, and then we wonder why we consider our jobs a 'dead-end', or ourselves unhappy.

Photo by @successpictures.

Every job gives you the opportunity to take out of it what you put into it, and then some.

  • Learn the art of networking with people.

  • Learn the art of marketing what you've learned to those that have yet to grow through what they continually go through. 

Most people want to be entertained and receive tools they can use to elevate their lives, so your opportunities to turn experience into engagement and/or profit are endless.


  • Once you master sales, you understand the power of active listening.

  • Once you master the art of marketing, you understand the importance of showing empathy. People don't connect to facts, but emotions.

  • Once you know how to write effectively, you understand how to make your voice count. It is the art of persuasion.

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Condition yourself to see an opportunity in every perceived problem instead of a perceived problem in every opportunity.