Perspective: It's What Makes Something Either Poison or Honey

Photo by Sushil Ghimire on Unsplash

My ability to romanticize almost any aspect of my life has allowed me to get things done more efficiently than when I had simply acquiesced. It's a natural byproduct as a result of making overall progress in life. Success is a way of travel, not just a destination.

Playfulness is the antidote here; whatever problems you're facing, it's the sense of belonging that makes it all worth it. Being yourself is the ultimate win-win. Life may not always make sense or be easy, but your approach says it all.

No matter what, move with intention. Laugh often. Take pride in how you carry yourself.

The next time you face uncertainty:

Follow a principle learned in sailing. Always go up-wind. It'll allow you to leverage the wind later on when you do figure out where you'd like to go.

Do what is hard and you'll naturally open so many other doors to greater opportunity.

Remember, most of the challenges people see in the world are often because they're wearing the wrong lenses. Change your perspective. It's what makes something either poison or honey. Train yourself to see a puzzle instead of a roadblock.