The Only Way Out Is Through

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Your content is your most valuable leverage by default. If people see how much value you're providing for free, they'll be willing to pay for access to more curated content that doubles in value. 

It's the difficult conversations and conversions that determine the strength of your offer, and your ability to elegantly attract the right people that elevate economic resources from an area of low yield to an area of high productivity.

Marketers are essentially the doctors of their field. It's all about finding the right clientele (patients); they diagnose the problem and use their resources to solve it (treatment).

You learn these things first-hand simply by seeing anxiety as a form of narcissism. You won't publish Article A, launch Product B, or send that message to your prospective partner because you believe that if you mess up, everyone will stop everything and stare at you.

It's completely irrational. At some point, you realize that the only way to truly learn is to dive right into things without thinking.

You can sum up success in one image:

The price of entry is commitment. Anything other than that and you're sabotaging relationships by playing defense. If you're constantly trying to prevent yourself from failing, you will never get to experience the joy of growth through risk-taking.