Maximize Your Efficiency Using Your Chromebook.

Procrastination. Fear. Excuse-making. These terms are all synonymous with each other. They're an illusion, a self-imposed limit, under the guise of perfectionism. We want the big picture, yet we fear that the outcome of our endeavor might fall short.

As a result, we fail to act. We believe that there’s a future where we won’t be afraid, a future where we'll be smarter, have access to more resources, and have useful connections.

I hate to break it to you, but it doesn't work that way. Those who wait for the perfect moment get beaten by those who are seemingly stupid, reckless, and naive; because those people have a certain type of shamelessness and perseverance that breed attention. They aren't afraid to start with what they have, no matter how little it may seem to be at the time.

It's the same way everywhere.

The quality of your work doesn't always depend on the equipment you use. We as humans like to over-complicate nearly every aspect of life, but the truth is that there's always a simpler solution waiting for you.

As a Chromebook user (I use the Acer Spin 514), I came to appreciate these lessons a lot more because it opened my eyes to how much you can get done with a more streamlined and simplified user experience.

Most of the time:

  • You can start a business using a $300 Chromebook. The Google Play Store and Linux are great built-in tools, should you need additional support.

Chromebooks, if used correctly, can be a productivity powerhouse. 

Here are some of the best apps and extensions that'll 10x your productivity.


This concludes the list of essential tools for your Chromebook.

I'll end with the words of Danielle LaPorte:

Don’t let perfection become procrastination. Do it now.

Crush your week, fellow readers. May you have the courage and fortitude to pursue your goals today.