Key Takeaways From The Week: Discipline, Risks & Google Workspace Shortcuts

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In any given moment, we have two options: step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” – Abraham Maslow

Being emotionally impervious to surprises is the ultimate transition from youth to adulthood. You no longer allow external factors to influence your emotions because you've come to understand that peace of mind in the face of uncertainty is the only way you'll find resolve (and results).

It's the way of the warrior who unbecomes the worrier.

Objectively, you recognize through experience that nothing lasts forever and that life always plays out exactly how it should. 

The goal, then, isn't to live a life that is free from pain. It's to maximize the right type of pain. It's always better to have a mission and purpose worth fighting for than to have nothing to go into battle for.

* * * * *

🙋🏻‍♀️ Hey friend, welcome back! 

I spontaneously wrote on Friday that I've been lacking motivation; but as the end of the year approaches, I realized how much there is to get done.

After some introspective analysis, it hit me.

Many of us who think we lack motivation are incorrect in that assumption. It's not that we lack motivation, but that we are fighting on behalf of a mission we don't fully believe in.

I believe that procrastination is our natural response to oppression and that being “lazy” simply means that either:

  • we have yet to find our calling.

  • we focus on overall goals rather than habits and routines.

🧠 There is no greater force on Earth than a human being who wants to achieve their goal; because once we describe something, we define it, and we all become prisoners of our definitions.

Choose your perspective carefully.

🗒 Here's what's on the menu for today.

  • 💓 Motivation through statistics.
  • 💻 Google Workspace shortcuts.
  • 📈 Client Lifetime Value (as an analogy)

* * * * *

💡 There are over 600 million blogs and 1.9 billion websites in the world, and the odds of you being born is 1 in 400 trillion.

 What are the chances of you being discovered?

 What are the chances of you influencing the world?

 What are the chances of you leaving something behind?

Your chances are objectively slim. You shouldn’t even be here, but you are. If that thought isn't something that excites you, I don’t know what will.

Don't spend your life pretending that mediocrity is what you truly want because it's those who passively assume they’ll live forever who let the minutiae matter, quit after the first failure, and never dare to ask the universe for what they genuinely desire.

After all, living a full life isn't necessarily about changing the world. It's simply about being someone who generates value in the lives of others.

It's mostly about being so busy doing things that your mind can only create out of wonder rather than be consumed and hindered by wander.

You win by default once you realize that there's no such thing as a waste of time if you're intentional about how you spend it.

⌨ Google Workspace App Shortcuts

Assuming you're signed into your Google account and use various Google services like I do, these shortcuts can save you a lot of time. Simply type any of them into the address bar. – Opens a new Google Calendar event – Opens a new Google Slides presentation – Opens a new Google Doc – Opens a new Google Form - Opens a new Google Sheet

A neat little trick, right?

💡 It would be a mistake to treat all of your clients (or your beliefs) equally.

 Invest most of your resources in customers with the highest CLV (Client Lifetime Value).

    💲 What's Customer Lifetime Value? As a business, when you think about customers, what immediately comes to mind? Perhaps transactions. What are people buying now, and how? 

     📉 CLV is a lot deeper than that. It focuses on profitable growth in the long run and measures the total value a business receives from a single client over their entire relationship.

    💳 For example: if you offer subscription services and your business uses Stripe, you can measure the LTV (Lifetime Value) of your subscription easily. Stripe does this by measuring Average Revenue Per Subscriber (ARPS) divided by Subscriber Churn Rate.

    Bill Gurley from Above The Crowd writes:

    Like any model, its proper use is entirely dependent on the assumptions used in that model. Also, people who have a hidden agenda or who confuse a model with reality can misuse it. For many companies that subscribe to its wisdom, the formula slowly takes on more importance than it should. Seduced by the model, its practitioners often lose sight of the more important elements of corporate strategy, and become narrowly fixated on the dogmatic execution of the formula. In these cases, the formula can be confused, misused, and abused, much to the detriment of the business, and in many cases the customer as well.

    As a business, your goal should never be to please all of your customers equally. 

    You must understand the various differences in your customer segments and take advantage of them. 

    Ex: offering premium benefits to high-value customers and lower-value benefits to low-value customers.

    🧠 CLV as an analogy.

    💡 Treat your thoughts the same way. Invest time and energy into beliefs that have gotten you furthest in life. Which ones motivate you rather than hinder your ability to act proactively? While negative ones may have something to say, they can often create blind spots.

    When conducting experiments, remember that randomization will almost always set you free, getting you the most authentic results.

    → In the most basic sense of the word, think about any content creator when they started out. They created all sorts of content on all sorts of different topics. Only through statistical analysis did they narrow down the type of content they would create thereafter.

     Remember the importance of walk-away power.

     Customers will establish your reputation, so understand your target.

    * * * * *

    Everything around you was imagined into existence by people who believed in their ability to set goals and build healthy habits. 🔗 It might be a good idea to believe in yourself as well.

    Until next time, thanks for reading!