And We Already Have What We Need To Get Started...

No matter what stage of life you're in, when it comes to your online presence, your goal should always be to maximize your ability to monetize your innate personality.

The same holds true for any aspect of your life; because whether you're trying to build meaningful relationships or sell products and services to prospective clients, you can only start with what you have, and it all begins with who you are.

Let me explain.

It's said that we spend about 30% of our time daydreaming. Our minds wander, imagining perfect scenarios and successful launches, frequently churning through all of the potential “what-ifs” and buts...

It's as exciting as it is uncertain. There's a specific type of melancholic euphoria attached to spending extended time alone, for the greatest things are initially built in solitude.

Let all of these good feelings flow freely through your body. Don’t try to rationalize them, don’t tell yourself a multitude of stories about why it's never going to happen.

Become obsessed. Think about it day in and day out. Fall in love with an idea you believe in so much so that it'd be a mistake not to follow through with it. Yell about it from the rooftops.

Shamelessness and perseverance breed attention, but feeling stuck is ultimately an ego problem. You believe that your problems are unique, and that's your ultimate downfall. Problems aren't unique, but your solutions can be.

The highlight of this clip is when Tony tells Peter, “If you're nothing without the suit, then you shouldn't have it.”

Why? It's not the uniform that makes you the person you are, it's who you are that gives meaning to the uniform.

The same goes for your mission and purpose.

Happiness, like success, comes to those who are too busy to be searching for it.

Play the hand you've been dealt like it's the one you've always wanted.

You unequivocally have to forget the concept of pain; because the more you avoid suffering, the more you suffer.

* * *

If you don't know where to start, ask yourself questions like:

  • What am I teaching/selling?

  • What tangible skills do I possess?

  • What results can prospective clients/followers expect from following my lead?

Simplify your answers. From my experience as a consumer, I see over-complicated offers as a huge red flag; so-called 'experts' tend to make things seem harder than they are to support their image as experts, but it has the reverse appearance for anyone who has the slightest bit of experience.

At the end of the day, being real is one of the most honest forms of marketing.

Leverage your story instead of trying to compete with society's way of playing the game.

All we have is the here and now. Sell that. The rest will naturally evolve into something greater.