Dare To Act. Not Dream.

Photo by Sergei Solo on Unsplash

Tony Robbins once said:

When people say they’re skeptical, or pessimistic, I get it. But let’s face it, you’re gutless. It takes no guts to be a skeptic. It takes no guts to try nothing and say it’s not gonna work. It takes guts to put your ass on the line and believe something’s possible. It takes guts to pursue an answer. It takes guts to fail and step back up and keep pushing.

It's one of the most accurate assessments of people in today's generation; we have developed the 'someday' mentality and have become increasingly risk-averse.

People wait their whole lives for this moment when everything will be just right, but that day never arrives.

Take it from Machiavelli who said,

Develop the strength to do bold things, not to endure suffering.

We can have anything we want in this world, but not everything. The more intangible the things we want are, the more tangible the steps to achieve them become.

Loosen your grip on specificity. 

I want to work with this particular business.”

“I want to date that specific person.”

“I'm planning for this exact thing to happen in this exact way.”

The road is hardly ever linear, but it's still one that can be traveled.

For every destination you desire to arrive at, there are dozens of ways to get there and the ability to create your own route, should you reach a dead end.

All it takes is guts. It's not about being talented or courageous. It's about being willing to work harder than your enemies; fear, doubt, and insecurity.

Everything you want is over the edge, and obtainable. Don't be afraid to take a leap.

Have fun. Embrace serendipity. Go with the flow and remember that nothing is ever written in stone.