Life is war. If you don’t strike first, life will attack you with a punch that you won't see coming.

Don't be afraid to take bold actions.

The ones who fear dying in combat have already lost.

The ones who don't apply for a job or ask their crush out on a date have already deemed themselves unworthy, and as a result, have conditioned themselves to pre-fail at almost everything.

If you nodded at least once to any of what I wrote above, know this: society has conditioned you to believe that you require specific credentials or years of experience to succeed at something, or to even pursue something.

I call bullshit on that. It's a venomous mindset. It teaches people to not try at things.

No one in the history of the universe has tried at something and been automatically successful at it with no mistakes to account for.

Think you'd suck at communicating in the business world?

If you've got friends or family, it's likely that you regularly narrate stories to them. This demonstrates your aptitude for storytelling. 

Think you'd suck at a sales job?

When your friends or family need help with their problems, you provide valuable insights. This indicates your salesmanship capabilities.

All you need to do to succeed in the professional world is to repurpose the existing skills you have from your personal world and apply them in a new way.

Be passionate not only about being ready enough but about the process: have an unwavering drive to achieve success, no matter what it takes.

The secret ingredient: be the child.

One of the best ways to measure success is by uncovering and leveraging the childlike wonder you still have. 

Despite all the heartbreak you may have gone through and all the crucibles you've come out of, it's important to be able to continue feeling deeply and fully embrace unbridled excitement. It's how most kids learn as fast as they do. They don't assume the identity of failure. It's a beautiful thing to hold onto and cultivate throughout your life.