Shepard Lambrick said it best:

It’s about decision-making in its rawest form. There’s no better window into a person’s character than the decisions they make, how they make them, and how one applies rationale, ethics, and reason, while under duress.

You'll naturally turn into an elite warrior, writer, speaker, and overall person, simply by going through a lot of shit.

The same can be said about breaking out of the shackles of feeling depressed.

Agree or disagree, this is the simple truth.

If you're inclined to disagree with me, watch the video below.

I agree with every single word spoken in the video, and I believe that there’s so much wrong with the way we're educated, and with the way that we're taught to pursue comfort, luxury, and material wealth.

Our world today is far more powerful than it ever was.

Yet, despite having an entire world of resources at our fingertips, we're living in spiritual poverty.

Does this fact not leave you restless at night?

Pain will always be a part of life, but it's not an excuse or a justification for depriving yourself of making the right decisions and living the life you deserve.

Understand that you will never be happy if you're constantly looking for it.

Happiness is a way of travel.

It is knowing that emotions can be blind spots and that the struggle never ends. It never will.

Not everything has to feel good.

But you have to take action regardless.

Live long enough and you will come to realize that the more you avoid suffering, the more you suffer.

Pain is the ultimate breeding ground for greatness.

But your hatred for discomfort will bring you further and further into a sort of mental chaos that will drive you to become a bystander in your life.

We are creatures created for discomfort, struggle, and pain.

This is how we are forged into fighters and thrive.

We all have freedom, but we are not free from having to make a choice.

We either choose the pain of growth or the pain of stagnation.