No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell. – Carl G. Jung

Here’s an interesting fact about life:

If you go through it wishing for comfort, your brain will rebel against itself by creating a problem for it to overcome.

Struggle is an absolutely necessary aspect of character development, and shying away from it will only push you further and further into an abyss that’ll continually cause you to question the purpose of your existence.

Enter, depression, anxiety, and a general sense of feeling left behind.

Adversity is the ultimate breeding ground for greatness, and it actually makes you more creative. More intelligent. Literally.

This happens because struggle activates a part of you that is often latent.

Choosing to exit your comfort zone stops your brain from trying to self-destruct, allowing it to bloom.

So, the next time you find yourself in an unfortunate circumstance, don’t wish for an alternate reality.

Realize that your desire for ease breeds fear of the inevitable unknown, and a sense of insecurity in your ability to deal with new challenges. 

This takes your awareness away from what’s currently happening. 

Understand that the key to surviving the battlefield of life is establishing a sense of belonging (home) no matter where you are.

Life isn’t about reaching a destination, it’s about recognizing that the long road toward that place is, in fact, the place itself.

There is no pursuit of happiness. There’s no reaching for something.

There’s only you, and with what and whom you decide to travel.