By not acknowledging our shadow side, we actually give it greater strength, and eventually, it will rise up and damage us. Furthermore, denying our shadow side will prevent us from becoming who we really want to be. - Sexual Anorexia, Patrick Carnes

Who are you in your dreams and nightmares?

A Jungian approach to dream analysis suggests that every person you see in your dream (or nightmare) is actually you; they are an extension and a reflection (a projection) of who you truly are, or who you (subconsciously) believe yourself to be.

*  *  *

For a few minutes, hours, or maybe even days, many of us find ourselves submerged in a world that could never really exist.

Dreams often give us hope for the future, but we tend to forget that dreams without action eventually fade away.

Life is a constant struggle between your present reality and your desired reality, so the fight to achieve it is what really defines us.

After all, the fight is all there is.

Ironically, it seems to me that I’m always the most content when I’m paradoxically a bit unhappy.

It’s a call to action.

I know that I don’t yet have what I desire for the current level of gameplay, but I know it's within reach.

I simply have to look ahead. I have to consistently be swimming toward a destination.

Life only stops being okay when your destination is no longer clear in your mind.

Enter, the importance of our dreams.

Trauma and grief... they’re the symptoms of a disease that is mistranslation. 

The real demons of our supernatural thriller show up in real life but speak to you most frequently in your dreams, and through the thoughts you have when you feel alone.

What are they trying to tell you?

The spirits you see in movies like Annabelle and Insidious, for example, tend to hop into a doll, a house, or an aging grieving person, and they won't leave.


They get stuck reliving the same moment.

It's no different in our waking lives, folks.

If you’re stuck reliving the past, you’re sacrificing your future for something that will never truly be done with you.

Acknowledging something doesn’t have to mean giving up your power, and it certainly doesn’t require that you trade away pieces of your soul during its stay.

Darkness is reality and the only way to step out into the light is to flip on the switch and show it the mirror.

When the moment comes, be ready to strike.

Remember, friends.

Freedom cannot be appreciated and the struggle for liberation would not exist if it weren’t for oppression.

We are free.

Changing the angle of our visions will change what we see.

We are far more capable than our minds allow us to believe.

Love and you are whole. Fear, hate, avoid, and you are unhealed.